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FIT Enterprises, LLC provides support for a healthy lifestyle through group fitness instruction, personal training, and basic nutrition.


Being part of a group fitness class, provides health and fitness improvement through education, motivation, social engagement and support of others.  The classes are designed to integrate basic human movements of activities of daily living through sound science-based instruction.


Personal training sessions are designed to equip you with the tools needed to enhance long term adherence thereby improving quality of life.  Fitness assessments are done to develop a starting point to build individualized programs.  The programs are the blueprint that will bring about positive body composition change based on achieving realistic goals.


Understanding basic, general information on nutrition and healthy eating, such as foods and essential nutrients to include in a balanced daily diet is the foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

“Wanda is committed to the success of her students.  She makes sure that each session has challenging exercise routines that are achievable by her students.  She does every routine alongside her clients and has an extremely encouraging manner that makes us do things we did not think possible.  She is glad to modify routines to accommodate the needs of her students.

My husband and I are healthier and in better shape thanks to Wanda!”

~ Judy B.

“I’ve known Wanda for about 20+ years and she has always had a passion for fitness and health.  She not only lives it in her everyday life, but also wants to help others to be their best too.  Her energy is contagious which makes you want to improve and do better.  I can honestly say, she has motivated me when I really didn’t want to work-out after a long day at work. I’m not intimidated by any of my short comings, because I feel very comfortable with her and can be open and honest.  I have found Wanda to be a great fitness resource!”

~ Karen Z.